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About Golden Peak Inspection

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I'm Bard Nielsen, born and raised, and now raising my own family - right here in Golden, Colorado. I have a wife and two awesome kiddos, too many dogs, and a passion for all things Colorado living (snowboarding/skiing, hiking, camping, outdoors, craft beer, Red Rocks, patio season, and more.) We live and call home Genesee, in the foothills outside of downtown Golden. We are passionate about Colorado, the lifestyle, and everything that makes this amazing place home. I am a University of Colorado Boulder grad, formerly in architecture, and an expert in the marketplace here in Colorado, specifically specializing in Mountain homes and Denver home properties - from primary residences, to luxury mountain homes, to rental properties.

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Our Process

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Golden Peak Inspection provides top-notch home inspection services to buyers and sellers by providing a detailed examination of the major systems and components of a home, both inside and out, top to bottom. We also do comprehensive Inspections on one-year or warranty needs on new builds or construction. 

Easy Scheduling

We have easy scheduling - with online calendars showing availability and up-to-date appointments. Book now!

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Quality Guarantee

We stand behind our work, our process, and our reports. If there is an issue, we will work with you to make it right.

On-Site Consultations

We are happy to meet customers and potential customers in person, if you want to get a feel for our process and what we deliver.

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Meticulous Process

We are vigorously and professionally-trained, fully licensed and insured. Detail-orientation is our focus.

Our Quality Guarantee

We are detail-oriented and meticulous. Driven to exceed expectations. Loyal to our customers. Passionate about architecture, homes and protecting investments. We are professionally-trained, licensed, and insured. If there is ever an issue, we will stand behind our work, and our promises to deliver exceptional value - and make it right.

Protect your dream home.
Engage us for your inspection and radon testing today.

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